Deliveroo’s Community IPO

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Sep 2023
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Deliveroo’s Community IPO
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At a glance

Deliveroo listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2021 raising funds to invest in growth opportunities and innovations that would further enhance the firm’s core marketplace. With the popularity of food delivery growing during the pandemic, it was one of the most anticipated IPOs of 2021.

Giving their community of customers and employees access to the fundraise presented the following challenges. First, operational capacity was a key consideration, requiring the delivery of a flexible and scalable solution to enable high-volume customer subscriptions. The goal was to ensure a seamless and efficient process for participants.

Secondly, app integration posed another challenge. Deliveroo aimed to provide existing customers with a streamlined experience by offering a way for them to apply for shares directly from within the Deliveroo app itself. This required a careful integration strategy to enhance user convenience and accessibility.

Lastly, effective amplification of the fundraising effort was crucial. Deliveroo sought to create a significant fundraising moment within their community, making it a landmark event in the company's history. This involved strategic planning to maximize visibility, engagement, and participation among both customers and employees.

The Community IPO solution

The Community IPO is an extension of PrimaryBid’s core platform - enabling direct share access for an issuer's community. Through innovative technology, issuers can initiate a comprehensive, digital retail offer designed to engage specific stakeholder groups like employees or customers. Opting for PrimaryBid's Community IPO solution made it possible for Deliveroo to directly involve their key stakeholders in their IPO, directly offering shares to the individuals integral to the business.

Integration across the Deliveroo and PrimaryBid app

An integrated approach

PrimaryBid’s share application technology was integrated directly into the Deliveroo app, enabling the issuer to promote the offer themselves. Once a customer clicked through the Deliveroo in-app advert they were directed to PrimaryBid’s website to apply for shares.

Customers were able to directly settle into their existing broker accounts. Customers without a broker account were not left out either - they were able to settle into a Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) provided by Deliveroo.

Scalable and secure transactions

PrimaryBid’s market leading technology offered flexibility, enabling Deliveroo customers to participate in the IPO in a number of ways. The C-IPO solution was built to withstand operational load of 10,000s of potential investors and providing them the tools to understand the fundraise.

More than just a transaction

Deliveroo leveraged PrimaryBid’s in-house creative services to promote the IPO through content-rich video creation; in-app marketing, social media and email marketing. Content was developed to help users understand the transaction with simplicity, empowering users, some who had potentially never invested before, to access shares in a company they know and love.  

Social media marketing used to reach potential shareholders

The result

PrimaryBid’s Community IPO model allowed Deliveroo to successfully raise capital and engage their customers and employees in the process, creating a fundraising moment that was more than just a transaction, facilitated at scale.

We are proud to be listing in London, the city where Deliveroo started. Becoming a public company will enable us to continue to invest in innovation, developing new tech tools to support restaurants and grocers, providing riders with more work and extending choice for consumers, bringing them the food they love from more restaurants than ever before. This will help us in our mission to become the definitive food company.

Will Shu, Founder and CEO of Deliveroo

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