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Unlock new investment opportunities for your clients

Our solutions allow you to offer your customers the opportunity to participate in IPOs, follow-ons and more.
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Many benefits for you and your clients

Deal access with no fees
No fees or charges for you or your customers.
Increase your AUM
Unlock new investment opportunities often at discounted prices and provide access to exciting IPOs.
Avoid shareholder dilution
Enable existing shareholders to avoid dilution by giving them access to primary market offers.

Connect at a glance

Connect Portal
Connect API

The Connect Online Portal

A web-based platform allowing users to access live deals, submit and track applications, and view allocations and settlements, on behalf of clients.

Access the portal with your unique login

No technical integration required

Easy setup for fast access to PrimaryBid offers

See how we activated to HL’s platform users
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The Connect API

A fully automated approach, allowing users to subscribe to offers directly within your own platform and existing client interface.

API integration allows access and applications to PrimaryBid offers at scale, with full automation

Manage your customer experience, from transaction notification to collecting subscriptions

Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, streamline workflows and use cases on the backend

See how we activated to Bourse Direct's platform users
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PrimaryBid Connect
PrimaryBid Fuse

Connect: our online partner portal and API

The Connect suite allows partner access to PrimaryBid deals 

Submit and track orders on behalf of clients

Manually upload and edit orders through the online platform

Track order submissions and allocations at the individual customer level

Participate in PrimaryBid deals through a fully automated process, and at scale, via our API

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Fuse: our co-branded offering

Fuse allows partners to leverage PrimaryBid’s investor interface while keeping the client experience aligned with your brand.

Offer your clients access to PrimaryBid deals, with no technical overhead or integration required

Maintain a co-branded experience, offering peace of mind to your clients

Your clients will receive instant offer notifications for live deals

100% of assets are settled back into the clients’ investment account, growing your AuM 

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Why partner with PrimaryBid?

Unrivalled access

PrimaryBid has unmatched market share, offering access to over 300 transactions across the UK and Europe since 2020.

Trusted by 60+ partners

We've built a range of solutions to suit your organisation and client base.  

New investment opportunities

Elevate your customer experience by offering an array of investment opportunities, encompassing high-profile deals across various asset classes.

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