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What is PrimaryBid?

PrimaryBid is a capital markets technology platform connecting public companies to their investor communities during fundraisings. We recognise that individual investors represent an important but often overlooked component of a share register. So, we’ve built the technology to unlock the inclusion of individuals alongside institutions during primary market transactions. PrimaryBid enables retail investors to participate in IPOs, follow-ons and debt capital markets transactions at the same time and price as institutional investors.

Individual Investors
How do I find out about PrimaryBid offers?

To receive email notifications of new deals you can sign up to our offer alert service which will notify you whenever PrimaryBid offers are launched. Sign up to be among the first to know when a PrimaryBid offer launches and get access to a range of offer types - from IPOs to new retail bond launches.\n \n Once you’ve signed up for our PrimaryBid offer alerts, we’ll start to email you the details of live offers. To take part in a PrimaryBid offer you will need to be signed up with a participating broker.

How can I participate in a PrimaryBid offer?

Any application to a PrimaryBid offer needs to be made through a broker or wealth manager. \n \n Please note firms have different access policies to PrimaryBid offers. Subscriptions may only be permitted if you are an existing shareholder of the issuer and/or an existing customer of the broker or wealth manager.\n \n If you are not an existing shareholder you should contact your broker and they will advise if you are able to invest and the relevant steps to take. These steps may vary between each deal and each broker.

Why can't I access the PrimaryBid app or web platform?

In collaboration with our brokerage partners, we’ve changed our service to align with the direction of the market. An increasing number of our customers are subscribing through their broker or wealth manager, who have made huge progress in the provision of access to primary markets. \n \n As a result, we made the decision to retire the PrimaryBid iOS and Android app and web interface on 16th April 2024. Going forward, any subscription to a PrimaryBid deal needs to be made through your broker or wealth manager.

Corporate Issuers & Advisors
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Platforms & Wealth Managers
How can I give my clients access to PrimaryBid offers?

The Connect online portal is a web-based platform allowing users to access live deals, submit and track applications, and view allocations and settlements, on behalf of clients with easy setup and no technical integration required. \n \n The Connect API offers a fully automated approach allowing users to subscribe to offers directly within your own platform and existing client interface. \n \n If you want to learn more about our connect partner solutions or more generally about working with PrimaryBid, please email our Partners team at partners@primarybid.com.

Any other questions?

Reach out today and someone from our team will be in touch to help. You can submit a form here.

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