Connect API integration with BourseDirect

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Jul 2023
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Connect API integration with BourseDirect
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About BourseDirect

A major player in France, BourseDirect is an online brokerage firm focusing on providing online stock exchange, savings and economic and financial information to more than 200K customer accounts.

Connect API solution

PrimaryBid Connect comes in two forms - a ‘ready-to-go’ web-based application designed for wealth managers and smaller retail brokers, and an API solution that plugs directly into the systems of larger platforms allowing for distribution of deals to retail investors at scale. To deliver retail investor access to deal available through PrimaryBid, BourseDirect opted for PrimaryBid's API solution.

PrimaryBid Connect API is a RESTful API containing a set of HTTPS based resource-oriented URLs allowing PrimaryBid Partners to participate in PrimaryBid offers.

Dive into the Developer Portal below. Our Developer Portal contains detailed documentation on our API data flow, authentication and security protocols, use cases, changelogs, and references to ensure the best developer and integration experience.

A seamless integration process

In 2021, BourseDirect worked in close partnership with PrimaryBid to support the API integration and leverage PrimaryBid’s knowledge on implementation ‘best practice’. The API underwent collaborative testing with the PrimaryBid team to ensure a successful launch.

In combination with the API, BourseDirect was able to take advantage of PrimaryBid's suite of leading deal notification services and user activation tools to alert retail investors. This included:

- 130k emails to active customers

- Push Notifications (Website + Customer Zone)

- SMS to existing shareholders and IPO distribution lists

- Live timers notifying users of deal close

The result

The integration with PrimaryBid's Connect API enables BourseDirect to offer company fundraises to French retail investors. Since integration, BourseDirect has participated in 100% of PrimaryBid’s French offers and thousands of retail investors have participated, each time with increasing demand and user participation.

Encouraging retail investor participation in the capital markets is a core feature of the European Commission’s recent strategy and consultations. PrimaryBid is working with our European partners to simplify the capital formation process and deliver broad-based retail inclusion through technology, very much in the spirit of policymaker plans for Capital Markets Union.

Distribution partners can find out more about integrating IPOs and placings on partner platforms via Connect here.

“We know that our customer base of retail investors will be delighted to take advantage of this solution and be able to invest under the same conditions as institutional investors. We look forward to providing them with new market opportunities and are confident that they will reap many benefits.”

Catherine Nini, President of the Board and CEO of BourseDirect

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