Retail Bond offering with EnQuest plc

Retail Bond offering with EnQuest plc

Explore EnQuest's retail bond offering through PrimaryBid.

Apr 2024

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About the Company

EnQuest is an oil and gas company with operations in the North Sea and Malaysia. The Company is focused on safely improving the operating, financial and environmental performance of assets for the benefit of its stakeholders through the multi-decade energy transition. EnQuest was raising money for general corporate purposes.

EnQuest plc presented the second retail bond offering available through PrimaryBid for retail investors. The bond was offered at an interest rate of 9%, maturing in October 2027. 

Explaining Bonds

To accompany the raise, and to help retail investors understand credit ratings, PrimaryBid produced a document called ‘Explaining Bonds’. This explainer document was part of PrimaryBid’s commitment to helping retail investors understand different product types as an investment opportunity. For investors, bonds are just one of the wide variety of options to choose from when building a balanced investment portfolio. 

Explaining Bonds document sent to retail investors

The document contained information to help retail investors make an informed choice about the EnQuest plc bond and subsequent bond offerings available on the PrimaryBid platform. The document covers:

1. What is a bond?

2. Key terminology

3. Benefits and risks associated with investing in bonds

Take a look at the helpful guide below or discover more educational materials on our Learn Hub.

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