First Cross-Border European Transaction

First Cross-Border European Transaction

Explore our first cross-border European retail transaction for Netherlands-listed Avantium, the first deal for a Dutch issuer.

Apr 2024

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Avantium, a leading player in renewable polymers, sought to expand its investor base across Europe, particularly in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. With approximately 50% retail ownership, Avantium aimed to raise funds to support its growth initiatives.

Avantium mandated PrimaryBid to manage the 'retail' component of their transaction in France and to also work closely with ABN AMRO to ensure that retail investors in both the Netherlands and Belgium were able to invest. This initiative represented a strategic endeavor by the company to expand its retail shareholder base in France, particularly leveraging opportunities in regions where its presence is currently underdeveloped.

This transaction marks PrimaryBid's first cross-border European retail offering and its inaugural collaboration with a Dutch issuer listed on Euronext Amsterdam.


PrimaryBid has played a pivotal role in facilitating Avantium's successful €70 million capital raise. PrimaryBid set out to broaden Avantium's retail investor base in France and reinforce its presence in Belgium and the Netherlands, offering retail investors an opportunity to invest at a discounted share price, minimising dilution and fostering investor confidence.

PrimaryBid produced marketing materials including banner ads and investor flyers to promote the transaction, in particular in France where the company presence is less developed with retail investors.


The French retail offering witnessed encouraging participation, with PrimaryBid's strategic marketing efforts contributing to its success. The offering, along with those in Belgium and the Netherlands, ran smoothly. PrimaryBid's contribution facilitated Avantium's successful capital raise; the combination of technology and communications delivered a seamless experience for Avantium and their stakeholders, enhancing its investor base and market presence.

PrimaryBid's collaboration with Avantium underscores its commitment to facilitating accessible and inclusive capital markets. This transaction exemplifies the potential for cross-border cooperation and market integration, setting a positive precedent for future endeavors in European finance. This transaction aligns with the objectives of the Capital Markets Union and the Listing Act, emphasising the importance of market integration and investor accessibility. PrimaryBid's involvement highlights its role in driving pan-European business opportunities and fostering collaboration in the financial landscape.

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