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04 Aug, 2017

Meet primaryBid at Share Society Events 2017

We’ve raised over £9m for listed companies so far this year and with more offers to come, we are looking forward to helping even more investors get fair access to new share issues.

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PrimaryBid Facilitates £0.6m fundraise for Tern plc (TERN)

14 Aug, 2017

Tern plc raises £0.6m via PrimaryBid

PrimaryBid, the leading online funding platform that enables investors to gain access to equity capital raises of listed companies, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the offer for Tern plc (TERN).

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"We see this platform benefitting all types of investors including institutions, but importantly it will help unlock the potential from the active private investor community, which will be good for companies and ultimately the market." Simon Fine, CEO, Shore Capital

"PrimaryBid is an innovative new service bringing together individual investors and AIM companies in a fantastic opportunity to broaden access to new share placings or IPO's. This crowdfunding for equity in quoted companies benefits everyone and may increase overall market liquidity" Sam Smith, CEO, Finncap

"A platform that helps retail investors access similar investing opportunities as institutions has to be a positive step forward and PrimaryBid is an exciting move in levelling the playing field. It should also provide brokers with an indication of retail appetite for their corporate clients and will surely improve the quality of advice in this area. We look forward to working closely with PrimaryBid" James Reed-Daunter, CEO, Arden Partners

"PrimaryBid is an important innovation in capital raising for listed companies. Fintech platforms such as PrimaryBid are democratising investment access to companies amongst a broader pool of investors. As an institutional investor, we welcome the increased liquidity and efficiency this brings to smaller company capital markets." Jamie Brooke (Henderson Volantis Capital)

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