SRT Marine Systems plc raises over £5m

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Jun 2023
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SRT Marine Systems plc raises over £5m
Mark Dixon
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PrimaryBid was pleased to support SRT Marine Systems plc (AIM: SRT), a global provider of integrated maritime surveillance systems and digital navigation safety transceivers, on its latest fundraise.

The Placing raised approximately £4.5m, with PrimaryBid's Retail Offer, which was oversubscribed, raising a further £750,000. The Retail Offer was open for an extended period of time, giving new investors and existing shareholders greater opportunity to apply for shares in the fundraising. This was the second time that SRT has raised money from retail investors using PrimaryBid’s technology.

Retail investors were able to buy shares directly through PrimaryBid’s app and website or via its extensive partner network of investment platforms, retail brokers and wealth managers. They were also able to invest on the same terms as institutional investors.

The PrimaryBid Retail Offer was only available to investors in the UK.

Read more about the transaction here.

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